23 September 2016

Obediently Ambivalent

While I know it wont win gratuitous applause I’ll 
say it again, The Courier Mail stinks like a peed 
-upon-braille testimony of its readers inanities 

The fact this collection of crud still sells as #1st 
newspaper in th’ State of Queensland amazes; 
apart from its condemning our crude duh-ness 

It rephrases ‘n reflects national events as if the 
rest of Australia’s a vague idea - praises all our 
sports teams activities regardless of relevance 

Expresses a spastic notion Queenslanders are 
not mugs - they know that a problem denied is 
a solution not being applied in an epic editorial 

Probably read by less than 1% of readership - 
as if we give a shit; but the claim is population 
growth decreased again because we’re not in 

The correct mode of promoting the State; well 
that may be - but out-of-state influxes suggest
we’d end up being Victorians - if we persisted, 

So maybe there is ironical comfort in that fact, 
and we can still claim to be ‘pure ’n true-blue’ 
Queenslanders mate without overt prejudice 

Th’ Mail projects like a brick-bat condemnation 
of our rural ancestry; & by th’ way - avoids any 
confrontation by being obediently ambivalent 
© 15 April 2016, I. D. Carswell