22 September 2016

Politics of Power

Not anti political, more antipathetic to the dreamers 
claiming to represent me, yet to meet one who ever 
came close; I see ‘em as estranged egoists in flesh 
of ‘a falsehood pretending it knows what it’s doing’ - 
bit like a fiction-writer contending he’s reporting the 
truth or better yet a humorist dispassionately telling 
it as it really is - or even th’ Journalist on a because 
mission believing in what he seeks us all to see 

Then there is Joel Deane - his book ‘Catch and Kill, 
The Politics of Power’ places the ‘truth’ where it fits 
all versions of political expediency; and better yet - 
lets us see as he did. If you’d want the inside story 
without its dramatic innuendo - or explicatory post- 
scripting all after the event - then here it is, amen! 
© 18 April 2016, I. D. Carswell

Catch And Kill: The Politics of Power

Book by Joel Deane 

First published University of Queensland Press (UPQ) 1 July, 2015

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