29 September 2016

Shall Not Forget

Alright, so I’m into the idiot-set who refuse to be 
influenced by commonsense - tho’ that’s almost 
a plagiarism; we are all victims of what we want 
without reflection on it - unless undervalued and 
taking toll on whence we came - so where is the 
piper who pays th’ difference; no profit in it says 
there isn’t such a commodity defined easy - yet 
nor does any sane bugler play even-Stephens 

So it is ANZAC Day again; the flags & uniforms 
with poppies resplendent march to tunes we’ve 
revered forever - while those simple words said 
are still sagely ageing they who remember - we 
can’t hide from events that changed who we’ve 
been beholden to and thus shall not forget  
© 25 April 2016, I. D. Carswell