28 September 2016

Celebration 4 May

For six months, dear Sis, you’ll be six months older 
than me - yeah, I know we’re three years apart and 
take that as the conundrum’s essence; 3 May’s the 
1942 day of your precedential deference - & for me 
I have to wait for 6 September; and there’s th’ irony 

Else-wise we’re siblings with a three years gap - in 
which we neatly spent some time as youngsters in 
our early schooling years, amazingly we were able 
to survive without the pact to keep our hopes alive - 
or’m I being naive about things I didn’t want to see 

So even when we meet again, I’m the little fellow y’ 
made safe - and thank you for that - but I still reject 
inferences that you’re rightly and mathematically a 
whole three years and six months my senior; we’re, 
in my wry belief, clearly a whole lot closer than that 
© 26 April 2016, I. D. Carswell

A birthday poem for my little sister who is 3 years & 
6 months (occasionally) older than me