01 October 2016

Cooling Down

The weather’s making amends for a late start to a 
winter which unsubtly ends all of controversy that 
proponent old-timers still dissent; & out there right 
now we’re seeing what they bickered about when 
it began raining - well drizzled actually, fine, misty 
and discretely shy of th’ mammoth storms implied 
likely when global warming shakes its fist - crikey, 
what did they say - it’ll soon be another ice age

Tho not quite; the cooler temperatures are seeds 
o’ change we need to recover from a brown burnt 
summer’s indiscretions; yes, it did precipitate, but 
nowhere near as much as in olden days, & falling 
far away from where it’s really needed; and those 
conspiracy arguments anthropologists use f’ who 

Lives by th’ sea claiming refilling of our creeks will 
dangerously raise water levels & endanger urban 
properties - as if we give a rats-tail - yet in th’ end 
a soothing cooling down has better effects than is 
usually expected from any advancing ice age - or 
so palaeontologists and archaeologists say 

But the truth is winter’s arrived - the chill isn’t in a 
breeze as much as a grey-clad sky blotting sun’s 
overheating rays - & given that it may provide us
some blessed rain we begin feeling the gladness 
inferred wisely as a pair of tracksuit trousers, sox 
jersey and boots - with a brolly post-scribed 
© 27 April 2016, I. D. Carswell