02 October 2016


* Regeneration by Amanda Sage

It is different - there’s an accountability where we’d 
always find ways to break th’ monotony; tho I try to 
keep it balderdash & covenant-free, we all’ve aged 
beyond those pernickety premeditations anyway 

Today’s frustration is things not yet done weren’t th’ 
culprits for feeling estranged - or lacking motivation, 
that came on a different track - why’d we wrack our 
brains trying to keep things the same as they were 

Either we accepted reality it matters to no-one but 
those rank-&-still-pestilently-adhering pieces of our 
former selves or we move on to the more pleasant 
fields beyond - and it really doesn’t get any easier 

So, if and when the tallyman comes, we’ll have no 
need to answer for untended pieces of th’ past we 
left in its own jeopardy - and he won’t ask; so their 
answerability’s no longer a reason for being aged 

That answer’s at least a sage’s reasoning …
© 28 April 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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