20 October 2016

Five Degrees

Five degrees - a bit less than you’d expect for this 
part of Queensland, but then the sun’s risen - and 
calm settles as morning’s rays soothe a cloudless 
blue; are we in f’ another hottie - true you’d guess, 
and no breeze means no light relief unless there’s 
shade to hide in; wondered why it was so quiet - a 
compulsory lie-in mandates slower starts to a day 
you don’t want to see an indice of climate change 

Yes, we could do with a bit of rain - all the creeks 
are dry and the grass has had greener days - but 
that’s life isn’t it out here in th’ south east, stone’s 
throw away to th’ sea where either feast, or damn 
famine, rests on El Nino farts, or a La Nina whim, 
but we’ll manage - and trim the cloth accordingly 
© 26 May 2016, I. D. Carswell

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