19 October 2016

James Lucas Is Four

June’s the big month of birthdays isn’t it James 
wee mate, not just you turning four on Tuesday 
there’s a few of your rellies here & there ageing 
a year - altho you’ve yet to meet all of ‘em, they 
too’ll cheer for you on your celebration; up here 
at The Creek we wish you all the very best, and 
of course - many happy returns, lest we forget - 
which regrettably happens in reaching our age 

Okay, nevertheless we’ll get t’ say gidday - real 
soon we’ll be meeting you and the family; oh its 
a boy thing I nearly forgot - your Daddy & Uncle 
and me are off t’ Kiwi Land to see if its changed 
or whether its just those rellies I mentioned - I’ll 
be praying they’re like you & a delight t’ greet 
© 2 June 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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