26 October 2016


A shaker of Margaritas won’t break th’ ice you’d 
agree, and its okay if you’re not presumed likely 
by th’ hegemony; but there’s more to it than salt 
on th’ rim of your tastebud’s vision - or triple sec 
& lime as indemnity, tho it’s analogy ends there; 
we magnanimously blend ingredients for shares 
in the Jose Cuervo blue agave tequila sipped in 
exquisitely, existentially, most appropriate ways 

So where’re the partakers - and you generously 
elucidate, all traces of loneliness disappear with 
the first taste, washed away; altho they’ll still be 
there somewhere, undoubtably - but the need’s 
contemplation over consultation - so you sip at 
it again, and clearly see what Margarita means 
© 27 June 2016, I. D. Carswell