27 October 2016


If it is like surviving your own feral imagination
then I’m quantified, altho not saved; it’s a case 
of being caught amidst predilections that small 
repute would comfort if you’ve the perspicacity 
to obviously grow somewhat: I haven’t earned 
it, cautiously at least not yet but there’s what’s 
learned & that given freely in the pact of scars 
after the event - thus wise I’m a bit adrift asea 

But it’s the Me I know best and introspectively 
feed the wisdom within; we agreed upon it as 
a mode best suited us, that act of concord for 
mending fences we’ve yet to engender - if we 
read signs properly; and there is the dilemma, 
mostly its our own imagination’s invention 
© 17 June 2016, I. D. Carswell