24 October 2016

Raucous Intent

Even a ‘Pratchett’ diet didn’t sate the unease, 
in this case, ‘The Long Mars’ made a fair run 
at what was lurking in th’ eaves of discontent, 
or’m I waxing too lyrical; yet there’s evidence 
it broke proselytising monotonies that are the 
main features of pre-election harangues - tho 
who ever listens to ‘em would need the same 
psychiatric counselling as the candidates get 

And for free; but I suspect it isn’t just the joke 
or jokers who’ve worn the cloth too thin to be 
seen preening in th’ streets; there’s a general 
air of dissonance expressed in ominous quiet 
we’re moribundly dreading - so I’ll stick to my 
reading bent with all that is raucous in intent 
© 15 Jun 2016, I. D. Carswell