23 October 2016


After a weekend of things assumed having greatest 
meaning swept into the incontrovertible pasquinade 
of a trash can to absurdity - I’m off limits - if we can’t 
play winning Rugby this side of th’ stump let’s winge 
about referees - what on earth possessed the Poms 
to believe they’re allowed to beat our Wallabies less 
a seraphic intervention of bias & controversy; well it 
did happen, and definitely won’t be repeated. I’ll bet 

Even Eddie Jones made apologies for the rash feel; 
tho’ he outthought Michael Chieka, I guessed it was 
never a wager we’ll profit from - better contests look 
like they’re staged by seasoned players on the field, 
while here we’re watching intrigue too blasé to be in 
vogue affectations of in lieu political correctness the 

Game’s cognoscenti would wilfully mewl over - and 
by recognising it, retch we shall - until the next … 
© 12 June 2016, I. D. Carswell

England beat The Wallabies 39 - 28 
Ireland beast The Springboks 26 - 20 

All Blacks beat Wales 39 - 21