22 October 2016

Raw View

And so out of which Jungle Book page do these 
dolorous doyens of bum-lip duplicity originate; if 
they are true connections with ingenuity - they’d 
hardly equate shares in the evacuated space of 
which their forebears acclimated - nothing there 
indigenously sets ‘em aside, tho’ their hierarchy 
of self-serving egotists taught us t’ put up with it 
triennially - so they’re out again - in raw view

What am I on about - oh, politicians; you knew 
it had something to do with self-promotion &/or 
th’ practice of receipt - which is the sole reason 
for their existence first place; yes, they claim to 
represent constituencies, which we will believe
could exist but only in their arch imagination

And where is a vertical indice measuring who’s
actually telling the truth - all lateral perceptions’ 
vary, saying there’s never a level playing field - 
and nor does party policy agonise about it; it’s 
verity wholly accords whomever pays th’ piper, 
for which a plethora of negotiable deals exist 

So once again you’re unambiguously exposed 
to street theatre in its rankest form - mistake it 
for great entertainment - even drop a penny in 
th’ hat, you’ll be doing that for the next term of 
three years anyway and in truth contributing to 
exorbitant retirement sinecures along the way 
© 7 Jun 2016. I. D. Carswell 

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