28 October 2016

State Of Origin

And so they say ‘what do you see in the State of 
Origin Rugby League series’ as if it’s a rhetorical 
question: &, a game of footy, apparently isn’t the 
right answer; it’ll get you abuse you’ll likely need 
a translator for, tho to an extent that depends on 
a waxing-loquacious-miscreant’s  jersey colour - 
you’ve maroon or blue t’ identify who’s who and 
how to handle what might be a genuine query 

Altho worn with game-mad pride by a few, its th’ 
way of saying - we’re from NSW or Queensland
and the series tells you who’s who in The Rugby 
League - so thus its our hearts on our sleeves in 
which State is rated as The Best; - or isn’t it that 
obvious, if you needed to ask it in the first place 
© 22 June 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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