30 October 2016


Well, it was wasted on me, I’m hardly the vigilant 
type who predictively sees things; yes, I analyse, 
diligently - tho usually introspective and after the 
event; I guess its easier to live with than being in 
camera seemingly messing with futures yet to be 
material realities, even if in imagination only, and 
yet, public perspectives perceive that as if you’re 
a menace to every dullard’s rights and freedoms  

Woe is me - I step sideways; an entirety is null & 
void in unintended consequences of baring ones 
conscience - this is not a moral or ethical insight, 
just truth to the plight of seeing without blinkers - 
and like I said - its wasted - nobody wants a fair 
or a flat playing field - or rules for that game 
© 13 June 2016, I. D. Carswell

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