31 October 2016


Oh, it isn’t a new scene - merely a rewrite of the 
old; its been termed phantasmagory by some in 
the bolder set - to an extent they might even be 
right where the money is; of the rest tho’ its just 
a way you hold your mouth when earth tremors 
upset the applecart as we do a shopping spree; 
not a biggie in either dialogue, but there’s room 
to disagree whether objectives are reached 

And it is usually an insight into whose analysis 
fits the personality which stands to be greatest 
distressed - some would say its me because a 
little bird whispered in their ears - he’s way out 
character, you can see he’s struggling to keep 
his poise which he likes to be sang froid free 
© 24 June 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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