08 November 2016

Can Of Beans

Doing it my way - altho I suspect it’ll hardly be 
the only expression in baked beans vested - I 
had a tinny of those dandy legumes for lunch; 
we’re playing Origin #2 at Lang Park tonight, I 
guess its an ‘occasion’ to requite our pleasure 
in failure of NSW efforts to square this series - 
and done equably in harmonising with advent 
of their doleful distress thru both tone & scent 

That we’re confident stands to reason - it’s in 
a can of beans as much as any ‘atmosphere’ 
suffered at the hands of our NSW foes every 
time they say they’re winners; it goes without 
raving that more correlations are within a can 
of beans than our cockroach’s make-believe 
©  22 June 2016, I. D. Carswell