09 November 2016

Discretionary Blindness

This is discretionary blindness where the failure 
to see isn’t judged fairly; eyes don’t analyse the 
data presented, but can’t mean they don’t work 
properly - mostly we only see what we‘d expect 
to exist; and its thus those dishes from the sink 
are clean by kitchen-definitions of having been 
washed up - therefore, what another sees isn’t 
debris & isn’t there - unless you’ve a nit to pick 

Which inimically means you’re the existence’s 
author because you expected it, & thus it is as 
a creative inference of desired consequence - 
tho defence isn’t obliged to accept evidence & 
doesn’t demur from saying so; the suggestion 
glasses might be necessary is inadmissible 

Why do I need glasses - I’ve been washing th’ 
dishes for sixty years - & know what is clean 
© 10 June 2016, I. D. Carswell