12 November 2016

Daily Promenade

It took a bit of persuading but the beast finally 
saw reason; in the event he waited until I was 
relaxed in the ‘Brazilian Chair’ before positing 
his case for a promenade - and one need say 
with apposite reasoning; his argument held to 
the principle of fairness, where we try to keep 
perspective freed th’ bugbear of, Who’s Boss, 
OK, so therefore we’ll do it now, and my way 

Altho ’twas no easy negotiation; by ignoring 3 
suggestions a stroll was on offing - ostensibly 
because he pretended to sleep, I can actually
see his reasoning ratiocination; crikey it might 
rain like yesterday & no-one even bothered to 
accompany me - so lets delay a wee bit more 

But the instant I’m composed in the chair he’s 
all energy and get-up-and-go; - Yeah, c’mon - 
let’s hit the trail now - no need sleep on it me 
ol’ mate, we’ll be late & miss the bus or some 
other calamity such as those you geriatrics’ll
forget you’re supposed to be fussing about 
© 15 June 2016, I. D. Carswell