11 November 2016

Heavenly Company

If Sunday barbecues could get any better - let me 
know so I can compare which heavenly company 
of delightful young ladies ‘improves’ beyond their 
congenial perfection in social engagement; okay, 
so the Westerlies were cold & blustery - altho the 
rain had ceased perchance before washing all its 
plausible benefits away, and these we compared 
in millimetres of its good we had shared - so, 

In the event, there was melody of keen reflection; 
yes, we don’t see each other all that regularly but 
refined five year old ladies don’t let it regress into 
untethered bonds of affection - sensing as a truth 
too sustained to let idle; their interrogation’s thus 
the bridle within a rapport they’d so carefully laid 
© 6 Jun 2016, I. D. Carswell