16 November 2016

Emotional Replay

Crazy isn’t it, you are watching a replay of the last 
week’s match where you supported Saracens, for 
no particular reason, and here you are pro-Exeter 
and raving about illegal plays; sometimes being a 
Rugby devotee can be embarrassing as passions 
overwhelm commonsense, but in deference to an 
inimitable clash of the best in Aviva Premiership - 
maybe its a wholly - and agreeably likely - event 

There’s even elements of imaginary re-scripting - 
like - what if the Ref - or better still, overacting by 
the Saracen clique protesting rulings they did not 
agree with has their leading score reduced to the 
parity of a draw, & which may’ve been where my 
original emotional-replay-fantasy initiated… 
© 1 Jun 2016, I. D. Carswell

Saracens 28 - Exeter 20