17 November 2016


(ABC complied pictures)
Malcolm made th’ deed seem simple; hey Kev, 
mate, not that you’ll ever likely be one, and as 
someone not within cooee of having the ‘nous’ 
needed for UN Sec Gen - as a tru blue elected
statesman of th’ country you represent, I’m not 
going to bother nominating you for th’ job - but, 
and let me say it clearly, you don’t have to feel 
p**d upon from a great height - but rather less 

Kev, it’d seem the mess you left when y’ were 
played for a sucker by the gang & hung out to 
dry is still rabidly reeking; now, while it’d be an 
honour having an Aussie head up th’ UN Mob 
it isn’t a scene we’d feel confident you’d do th’ 
decent thing - like learn to keep y’ yap shut 
© 29 July 2016 

Current PM Malcolm Turnbull declined to nominate ex 
PM Kevin Rudd for UN Sec Gen appointment

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