20 November 2016

Name Of The Game

Let me say I am no android - my human appearance 
is purely incidental since its always been that way; in 
retrospect one may have had cause to claim a robot 
guised as me engaged in a masquerade of pretence, 
all too well it seems - nobody remembers an incident 
better where automaton behaviour made more’n just 
good sense over th’ mortal modicums of humanness 
described as our central essence to essential failure 

But it wasn’t me; I’ll claim my frailty is in being one of 
th’ team who succeeded in an age of reason, yet still 
stayed away from that pervasive limelight - we’d had 
enough chances to claim notoriety were we android, 
and y’ll see why we didn’t when th’ name of th’ game 
meant you’d need get up there & do it again & again 
© 21 July 2016, I. D. Carswell