29 November 2016


Its early AM Saturday and we’re sitting in the sun 
where trees let rays reach the patio - the mist left 
a wee bit sooner today, amazingly less chilled as 
Friday’s or compared to Thursday’s ‘ice’ invested 
breath; tiny finches wrest with dew-blessed seed 
on the lawn & Podge - unimpressed by their avid 
foraging, awaits colonic urges suggesting that its 
time for him to wander up the geriatric track 

Once upon a time we’d be up and away at break 
of dawn come hail or shine - he even expressed 
astonishment on Her Ladyship’s proposition that 
she take him for a stroll - altho’ he didn’t quail or 
blench, simply disappeared & reappeared when 
it was safe to resume his elective somnolence 
© 20 August 2016, I. D. Carswell