28 November 2016

Yet To Come

The times were against it I suppose, with the Rio 
Games echoing suspiciously, and all of Southern 
Continent winter sports codes contests reaching 
penultimate ends we’re in an inevitable hiatus, & 
a place where our Super Rugby series vanishes  

Tho’ let me say Wellington’s Hurricanes lent it an 
auspicious note of solemnity in trashing Gauteng 
Lions 20 points to 3 in a contest, as The Parable 
states, which aficionados inevitably see as who’s  
true victor over adversity, but dare I mention it, y’ 

Need be a Wellingtonian. And - it isn’t the end of 
an era - we’re on the threshold of a new contest 
where South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and 
Argentina battle out who’s the best International 
Rugby Country, as we Colonials prefer to see it, 

So Rio can throb t’ the beat of its Olympic fever, 
while we rest up quietly, contemplating the heat 
of what we know is yet to come … 
© 7 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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