18 November 2016

The Pact

Whether it’s dingoes introduced to Pelorus Island 
to eradicate feral goats, or an inoffensive clearing 
of the vines clinging to our electricity & telephone 
line where they cross the creek, we’re indebted to 
hinted common-sense. Leastways far as we know, 
they don’t de-sex & vaccinate techies who clear a 
flora embraced power line, tho it wouldn’t surprise 
were there threats to emasculate ‘em if they err 

And there is praiseworthy evidence they didn’t - if 
it was anything special to note - trees which vines 
proliferate upon still stand tall and free but the line 
is unencumbered; down the track a ways we’ll get 
the vines back no doubt, & they will come ’n clear
‘em again with equal efficiency, while th’ trees, no

Doubt, will keep their part of the pact silently … 
© 25 July 2016, I. D. Carswell