05 November 2016

The Score

The score’s the name of this game whichever way 
you see Fast Eddie Jones; Michael Chieka’s away 
with the faeries it seems, blaming himself he didn’t 
get his team agree what he really meant in saying 
mauls and set plays are where we will stuff up the 
Pommies; he meant - don’t give away the ball too 
easily I think, at least that was where they erred & 
heedlessly let the Pommies cream the cake 

But we’re 0 - 2, with th’ series rubber a dead duck, 
& Chieka’s been bucked by his old Randwick club-
mate again; links ‘tween moving lips & unengaged 
brains would seem proved likely less any doubt of 
whose looser-perspective creates schisms he and 
Eddie rant about over the other’s idiosyncrasies 
© 19 June 2016, I. D. Carswell 

Our 2016 Series of Three Rugby Test Matches 
played in Australia between England & Australia 
is already a dead rubber; England won the 1st & 
2nd games without too much bother. Eddie Jones 
coaches England & Michael Chieka Australia 

Game I    England 39 - Australia 28

Game II   England 23 - Australia 7 

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