04 November 2016

The Grey Day

This grey’s there like a blank wall, not quite dolorous 
yet but indubitably heading that way; occasionally an
air resonant of discontent is expressed in echo-vibes 
lent by passage of vehicles swooshing by - & then its 
implicitly sanitised again, embraced in rain’s soft sigh

thus gentle intermezzos grow along gutters aflow as 
showers drizzle into metronomic rain - we’re hearing 
a same sonorous beat blending credibly with sounds 
from the street with aeroplanes woven discretely into 
this baleful grey shroud - but we’re at ease anyway 

it’s a Sunday we’d gladly let be a week without worry, 
there’s water in our creeks and dams drink copiously 
from a discretionary largesse that we know has yes, 
floods are a distinct possibility, clearly written over it, 
tho we believe gentle rains like these are all blessed 
© 19 June 2016, I. D. Carswell