14 December 2016

Grand Parenting

Waking in th’ cold at 1:42 AM isn’t a de rigueur 
scene you’d’ve planned upon - but crashing at 
7:30 PM wasn’t either; it’d been a heavyweight 
day whichever sequence of acts came to mind, 
& they were legion, tho facts of the matter paid 
little credence to a disturbed night before, less 
any really restful sleep, that rare commodity of 
aged bodies upon which we obliquely depend 

And sleep’s supposed to restore equilibrium a 
psyche needs to retain its malleability; or they 
say that so there’s justice in poppa naps we’d 
otherwise be hammered into submission by, if 
not stacked at the familial forge - altho Grand-
parenting goes the long way to requiting that 
© 1 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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