13 December 2016

Egregiously Engaged

I wouldn’t say its splendid isolation, yeah maybe 
unique, and rare, that’s only too true - but if your 
Jack Russell mate prefers chasing the wallabies
you’re into the swing of it, or niche - or whatever 
thing that gets you going; he meandered back in 
a manner of speaking - wobbling from exertions; 
his panting suggests it was a good chase - altho 
the race was truly won before he got under way 

So I’m sitting here bathed in an atmosphere that 
envelopes egregiously; not in a modern sense of 
its archaic use, but remarkably well, & savouring 
the feeling of a nonjudgemental environment - in 
retrospect I’m back whence I came, no prejudice 
intended and no gamy presuppositions meant … 
© 1 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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