18 December 2016

On A Borrowed Limb

‘Nother big day that didn’t begin with an early signature - 
probably, it sidled into being via disturbed sleep - awoke 
feeling there was something hidden in the fretwork altho 
it wasn’t a glitch too grandiose to ignore or bitch about if 
even scratch; and that might’ve been its origins - like an 
insomniac naturally births more imaginatively freed than 
we’d believe the same consequences could ever ignite - 
so we sojourn to the Library, return books and select a 

Few more for an already recycled week - all we need is 
the impending call for our specialist visit & suggested to 
be likely Tuesday; well, hip hooray, it will be a bit later & 
on th’ following Tuesday - thus our skewed week’s been 
rearranged because there’s a waiting game framed into 
pertinent rationale of when you’re on a borrowed limb 
© 15 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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