19 December 2016

Paper Consensus

Well, whatever the 2016 Census fuss was about 
it must have taken th’ cake - hackers seem to’ve 
made serial effort to obtain access - and/or data - 
or whatever, from that on-line website where you 
could complete electronic forms and file returns if 
you’re of that mind - & it forced authorities t’ shut 
down the site; gee, what the *ell were they up to, 
or after, if not th' data we're told was truly secure 

Okay, we did it on paper, the old way, meeting all 
their requirements easily within the time frame of 
Tuesday evening & into the post box Wednesday 
without hacker abuse; but it’s intriguing to view a 
a kerfuffle where technology was bent out of all 
credible shape to reduce, or excuse, paper use 
© 10 August 2016, I. D. Carswell