04 December 2016

Stymied Imagination

Its like being in a controlled zone, there’s no concession 
for so-called invaders, primacy pervades reason as only 
rationale relevant or safe - at least in similar cases were  
singularness expresses itself without wider reflection; ok 
so reference points emanate from reality, & which is you
did I get it right, or’s it my stymied imagination if one can 
envision such, there’s no substitute issued or available if 
we actually agree but, you need acknowledge it to be so 

Though if you do then I exist - & that’s an apple cart isn’t 
it? To free yourself honorific exigencies, you’d need it be 
empty so no twist of fate can upset it, spreading the ‘fruit’ 
of our labours far & anon; but, come to fond pondering & 
introspection, it already has, I think; yet we’d agreed that 
where we‘re at, the variance’s on what we gather from it 
© 12 August 2016, I. D. Carswell