05 December 2016

Charlotte’s Birthday

Might have been a brighter day - any early chat with 
Charlotte redresses dross left over from droll origins 
of recovered sleep; but it wasn’t to be, Oliver’s team 
photos take a pride of place, & I will get to see them; 
so we delay our Skype session for a day. She’ll be a 
whole year senior then, at least in the way we say it, 
and at seven - quite capable of correcting my lapses 
in grammar with a stylistic giggle she owns capably 

So little Lady, have a magnificent day, we’ll sip upon 
the nectar later when duties to a younger generation 
allow us surcease of age - they are celebrations you 
can bank comfortably - like a deposit for days yet to 
differentiate whose pleasure extends delight we like
most to bathe in - and in that your’s surely wins 
© 23 July 2016, I. D. Carswell