02 December 2016


The after-awakening tête-à-tête compensated so 
beautifully for our ‘feral’ falling asleep; we’d taken 
different routes to Th’ Land of Nod - three games 
of Rugby for me - & for you a soporific novel that 
somnolently engaged you practically all day - but 
its an after-narcotic-event recovery, having been
assessed and screened for cardiac impediments, 
tho thankfully less than any worst case synopsis 

And yet we’re to live with scenarios as if they’re 
scripts for scenes we have ‘real’ roles to play in; 
this is the way diagnoses are framed for people 
reaching those ‘limits of no returns’ - there is no 
going back to go - or starting over - so we need 
agree without prejudice to rules of the game 
© 27 August 2016, I. D. Carswell