01 December 2016


Wasn’t quite the way we planned, an early Friday 
Doctor Clinic trip to complete things commenced 
Monday & we’d have a clear weekend - although 
it didn’t work out as so; by 11:00 am, she’s in an 
ambulance and off to Hospital for an angiogram - 

No point arguing, I’m handed the keys, told we’re 
going to be at beck & call of the Cardiac Ward 2E 
in Nambour Hospital - possibly she’ll overnight; if 
rest & recovery’s opted, maybe staying the whole 
weekend - with repatriation probably on Monday 

We correspond by SMS; for an elderly couple of 
novice smart phone usage, we actually manage 
to understand and get msgs sent & received - & 
can see what things will need to be effected; so 
now its up to me to deliver the pink pyjamas, 

Toothbrush & paste, book, smart phone charger, 
undies and a lilac dressing gown at visiting hour 
commencement on Saturday - well, that’s set up 
my weekend neatly, nice road trip tomorrow that 
will consume most of a day, but I’ll see sweetie 

And know she’s in competent hands; yet it bugs 
a bit to be expected to put up with the rigmarole 
that reeks of contingencies way ever beyond an 
understanding we could reach easily, except by 
subjection to those dour austerities blithely 

Generated by medical professionals speaking in 
tongues quoting worst cases; well, I cannot miss 
any more sleep - missing my lady is punishment 
enough without slipping into the pseudo-coma’s 
deep embrace of a premised unlikely Nirvana 
© 12 August 2016,I. D. Carswell