10 January 2017

Live Sports TV

Kind of a crazy Saturday - one where the live Sports 
TV diet dresses itself in excesses of better’n usual
yet, with two Test matches to complete our agony, or 
am I dreaming; well, I rechecked Foxtel’s guide & its 
for real though a bit of channel navigation’s entailed; 
but no worries, our MyStar box’s fully programmed & 
will grab footage easy-peasy - all I’ll need is a comfy 
chair, a beer and plenty of peace of mind to indulge 

Yeah, I didn't infer which games are on - but you can 
rest at ease, they are all Rugby happenings - free of 
commercial advertising, that insanity which drives us 
devoted sports fan to tears - read that as beers and 
chips - but amply rewarded by us seeing Springboks 
v All Blacks and Argentina’s Pumas v The Wallabies 
© 17 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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