11 January 2017


Saying you’re sick of all th’ sanctimony barely gets 
within cooee of where dour politicians really are at; 
so what if we’re a proletariat & commoners to boot - 
a man’s man isn’t an aristocrat, & nor’s a politician, 
regardless whether senator or member’s penchant, 
& yet, there is that air of commonality in their basic 
reasoning they’re regally all squeaky clean - unlike 
anyone provoking their ire, or providing opportune 

Occasion t’ dander disparaging remarks savouring 
the sauce of the gander, and stated with a morally 
superior, tho’ sanctimoniously prissy, stance that’d 
cause one to choke on his beer, as if he’d actually 
paid for it; yet we are supposed to listen to all their 
pronouncements as if they’re ‘nouveau patricians’ 

Of sound mind & noninfectious behaviour; beware, 
we say, hearing loss is severely occasioned within 
sanctimony of open air delivery - you can play ‘em 
free for fancy fools anyway you like if agreeing y’ll 
pay whatever compensation redresses that case; 
oddly, all I’m hearing now is a resounding silence 
© 8 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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