14 January 2017

That’s News?

Well, I never expected them to argy-bargee on again 
in the morning - after the Bolt 6:30 pm Sky TV News 
session last evening one could argue the ABC might  
feel a need to defend itself, why being a question we 
couldn’t debate without acerbic Bolt assertions being 
thrown in with prejudice - but there we were, at 8 am, 
listening to a hodge-podge of th’ same blarney about 
whether this or that was the case, tho on ABC Radio 

If it was supposed to make any more sense than the 
views expressed by Bolt’s guests yesterday - it failed 
notwithstanding better explanations that PM Malcolm 
Turnbull has to wear a larger part of the blame; while 
we’d agree it is a burden Heads of Government bear, 
we’re still none the wiser why they think that’s news 
© 18 October 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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