13 January 2017

The Boys Way

The Boys Way is Heinz baked beans crushed 
and rolled liberally within red quinoa wrap, it’s
nothing too over-refined, just a nice breakfast 
that assimilates with the morning coffee - and 
there’s no dishes to clean - debris disappears 
magically with casual finger licking done in an 
expression of gourmand’s heaven tamed to a 
gustatory imagination’s now indecent release 

What remains in the tin’s sealed carefully with 
rubber-banded plastic wrapping & stored in th’ 
fridge - altho’ it could easily morph into lunch; 
and so begins th’ day, no dishes to wash, just 
a few empties stashed in th’ rubbish bin while 
awaiting Her Eminence’s return later today … 
© 19 October 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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