08 January 2017

Things That Amazed

Then it was time to look back on the things that 
amazed - nothing too bizarre behoved itself - in 
a sense it was routine of events you’d expect a 
place in th’ rural scene to be entangled in; we’d 
been afraid we could lose both our electricity & 
telephone connection should a storm and flood 
make mayhem where our lines crossed what is 
known as Delaneys Creek - & it seemed they’d 

Anticipated the probability - even thinking what 
to do in the event, & agreeing to clear off vines 
entwined on lines & restoring our property pole 
to a vertical stance; altho authorisation took six 
months to eventuate finally it didn’t frustrate as 
it might’ve done were we seeking a solution in 
retrospect - this was a newly unique occasion, 
we waited patiently in only minor trepidation 

Then on the appointed day three work parties 
appeared with all the machinery & equipment 
needed such that by late afternoon the deeds 
were complete - & neatly done - and we could 
admire scenes we’d guessed we’d be lucky to 
see; while it doesn’t mean the problem’s been 
removed completely, we have utility lines free 
of vines between newly pruned trees, we see

Its wholly concreted sense of permanence in 
th’ now vertical stance of our property pole &, 
its evidence is based where it ought to be … 
© 6 September 2016, I. D. Carswell