07 January 2017

Wisdom In Lieu

You could call it one of those days - no-one’s going 
to object if they’re sitting on th’ patio after busy-bee 
folding two weeks worth of washing: in effect, a job 
with no priority unless you run out of undies; hasn’t 
happened but th’ ratio of knickers to ‘em sez males 
are less likely to get away with it, that is unless 3:1 
is an indice with a safety margin extending beyond 
th’ consideration to wear ‘em for a second day 

But that wasn’t the real accomplishment - instance 
this, this www.slave/ didn’t feel obliged to go catch 
up with trends on th’ net; sure, email’s collected by 
mobile phones these days, if you’ve the data alloc, 
so you know who’s doing what to whom - although 
you don’t need read ‘em t’ know there’s no truth in 

That belief, it’s really a form of indemnity only, with 
a clause suggesting if you’re not in, you don’t exist 
altho’ proving that needs more internet speed than 
you can get off of a satellite dish; thus after a short 
black coffee and some deep reflection, we’re much 
better prepared to wish for greater wisdom in lieu 
© 12 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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