17 August 2007

Much Was In The News Today

Much was in the news today, Pauline Hanson
on the way to register a new ‘Pauline’s United
Australia Party’ – done just so her name appears
above the line for a Queensland Senate seat, a
piece of sublime wisdom indeed – meaning
voters who can’t read that well wont have to
fill in each and every box below the line this
time around to make a valid Senate vote, Oyez!

Pete Costello reached fifty yesterday –again denied
he said he’d see that Howard was fried in oil if he
wouldn’t stand aside (so Pete could be PM). We
know of fiery Pete’s ambition to a man, woman
and child – so who’s kidding who and who cares
who’s lied? There seems to be a glut of such denials
amongst those anxious Liberals out to lunch on
Johnny’s chances come November. Wonder why?

Work Choices seemed an issue dead and buried as
the polls declared it killed the very vote the Coalition
needed to succeed. And yet the razor Gang still cries
against belief that wages aren’t the cause as much as
policies designed to keep them cheap. Inflation is the
key they claim; the blow of Labor’s fiscal sense to
economic management would cede the checks and
balances keeping industries’ relations under wraps.

We’ll have to wait and see on that. Julia Gillard is they
say a key union lass with leftish fetishes. But she’s
also Deputy Dog of the Shadow Bench which may
succeed where they have failed. Be that as it may, in
Howard’s seat of Bennelong Maxine McKew may make
him rue the day he chose to play it fast and loose. Polling
there to date decrees she’s cooked his goose, he
conceitedly stayed aloof, failed to heed his constituents.
© 15 August 2007, I.D. Carswell