22 April 2008

Success Assured

Forgive me, but I know I tried to find
a chord that rang in greeting; there’s
more to being satisfied than meeting
cuddly verse in camisole, or knickers
gathered at the waist with frilly lace.

It’s not my place to go complaining
bloomers are utility disgraced as racy
lines which merely plod along – but
rhyme, oh yes they rhyme; I know much
time and energy is spent to make it so.

But when I say “it’s nice” I’m too polite
to hint that what I meant was get it off,
bare the fiddly bits. Less means more in
dress – and verse is clearly so; don’t
hide your potent words in wordiness.

Bare the soul and spare the words to
be a hit. Expose yourself, undress a bit
and show that physiology of thought
& deed & rest assured of your success –
it’s truly what they’ve come to read.
© 5 April 2008, I. D. Carswell