30 March 2011

Lord Of The (Mayoralty) Rings

Gollum didn’t die March 25, 3019 (3rd Age),
didn’t die at all it seems: old Sméagol lives
on another stage and prances (or crawls)
with the same sage skills of yore; Slinker,
or Stinker as you’d have known him fills
Brisbane’s Lord Mayor’s robes these days
apparently with consummate ease.

‘Twas a strange quirk of fate, a political
fait accompli, a destitute minority was
elected – and survived, per chance, to
wriggle free of an unworkable impasse
because, hear this, he once possessed
The Ring! In the glow of his surety and
wide, staring eyes he brazenly sings.

Campbell Newman, once Army Engineer,
moderate god willing, given to Howard’s
brand of conservatism, born into politics,
both parents’ ex-liberal politicians. In the
big league since 2004 when he majored
a Johnny-come-lately councillor without
a score to his name. But look at him now!

Duplicity and sleight of hand are leadership
skills worthy of respect in this land of lost
opportunity. Gollum clears his throat with
consummate ease as he hawks and drools
gobbets of hobbit wisdom used to sustain
his reign. Bless Sméagol, the eager to
please – curse Gollum and his Mayor’s chain.
© 19 March 2007, I.D. Carswell