03 April 2011

Green Onions

green onions

Times of less disparity, agreed –
but stress was not an atmosphere
and growing through the 60’s
blessed in raw simplicity the way
we saw our fateful truth

I heard again today one of those
songs we knew from radio or
played on vinyl back in ‘63;
the words remain attuned
as powerful memories

And yes, compared to modern
music mix the sounds are raw
but fresh to ears long starved
of rhythms urgent beat
across the 50 years

Green Onions played by Booker T
retains its soulful melody with no
regrets – 1 minute 32 of potent
fugue which asks ‘do you remember
how we used to dance?’

As teens who grew into maturity
obsessed with individuality we rest
assured we never really left the
stage – a purity of 60’s song
recalls it all so faithfully
© 1 January 2011, I. D. Carswell