20 May 2011

I Wasn’t Aware


No, I wasn’t aware
and I apologise for bad
behaviour, the scent of
something rotten favours
far too many indigestible
‘administrative’ decisions

A pre-paid gift card for books
presented at Angus & Robertson
will not be honoured unless
I agree to purchase goods
for at least twice
the face value

It is new ‘policy’ foisted
by administrators to keep
the business afloat yet
damages customer relations –
I leave in a huff without
buying anything

There’s something very
wrong here – I cannot
see literary insolvency
being cured by raw and
grasping intransigence
of bloodless bankers

To Angus & Robertson staff
I apologise unreservedly
© 4 March 2011, I. D. Carswell

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