04 June 2012

Running An Errand


Agreeing to a minor panic voids a case
of disagreeably sangfroid ambivalence;
the throes of planning rational counter-
contingency imply strategy as close as
it gets to illusion – you’re stymied and
yet still manage to weigh stakes

Well, you argue, there were diversions –
a brown snake disappearing down a rat
hole after close confrontation took lost
wallet clear out of mind – luckily rats all
odoriferous and deceased, they’d been
feasting avidly on ‘racumen’ baits

But panic did resurrect a mental acuity
long thought extinct – it conceived many
plausible excuses under amazing duress;
yet same fey energy located the missing
billfold by practice of exclusion, allowed
running an errand logically
© 10 November 2011, I. D. Carswell