06 July 2012

One Of Those


To be seen an ultra arch-conservative
comes as no surprise – a clear veneer,
yet capricious sleights of hand abides
dissembling innovativeness inside

Not that I disagree with or resist that
acclamation, better to be seen for one
than prefaced with & sanctimoniously
unmasked as, ‘oh, he’s one of those!’

I’m not cut from the same cloth as the
paradigms resisting change at all costs
traditionalist  perhaps but certainly off
the Old School register don’t you know

So what you see conforms to what you
get to further your belief unless it rubs
me raw; and then, but only then, I will
reveal what drives my core ideas

I hear, read, reflect to make analyses
on things  affecting me; the rest can go
to Hell and gone – that’s there for your
convenience or maybe calumny

I needn’t ‘join’ to feel alive, the thing
that drives me ’s simple joy in being me
with an inventive flair as yet I think
untrammelled by external views

So seek my counsel to receive a daily
brief I feed myself; it says – let things
lay aside unless they stop you being
the inclusive creature you believe in

It is only then you rant and rave
© 13 April 2012, I. D. Carswell