05 July 2012



Words, for sure, expressed in
a plague of linearity with more
vigour than subtlety; even the
stage-managed typeface sizes
utter discrete notes – saying
look how cleverly we’re done

Can’t say I’m not impressed,
the boldness of the feat said
this is a work of marketable
significance – find space for
it in your life, you know you
won’t regret it

Its price tag didn’t surprise, an
audacity ameliorated by good
craftsmanship stated casually,
I could see it arresting glances
on the patio, already hear its
praise whispered enviously

But no, it wasn’t to be a sale;
hogwash is writ in bold upon
those recycled planks – feeble
phrases plagiarised in outrage
too far done to death for this
soubriquet’s resuscitation
© 12 April 2012, I. D. Carswell